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is there online multiplayer? nope

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It will be available when the game comes out on Steam, like I said in the description.

put it on steam :D

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this sounds like a really fun game

im gonna play it :D

and i got a idea what if you could duck/lay down 

maybe even enter a rag doll mode



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Thanks! You can always rate the game at the top right of the page.

make the weapons have physics

What do you mean by giving them physics? More recoil or making them heavy?

I mean make them collide with things 

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That's a good idea! I will try to add it.

Ok I tested it but it isn't really fun to play, so I won't add it. It also causes lots of bugs and I try to avoid them.



ngl i see a good future whitin this game



gg man it too cool

Nice recreation of stick fight the gam

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It isn't a recreation but I took inspiration from it. Thanks btw!

Looks like Stickfight

Yes, and for the story mode I took inspiration from The Legend of Zelda

it looks like danis game: of the sticks

how do you even make a game like this???

i've been searching for ages on how to do so

I use Unity to make the game.

ik, but how do you add the forces so that stickman looks like it's walking?

I use the hinge joint 2D component and a script which makes the parts of the body rotate to a direction. Then I change the direction over time using the animator, so it looks like he is walking.

Is This Game A Local Co-Op Like Is It A 2 Player Game?

Actually Nvm I just Saw What It Says

a bit like off the sticks


looks suspiciousely like a game dani forgot

lol, after one year you're the first one to comment this

yea i like dani

when playing with a controller aiming with the joystick is a bit clunky at times

Yes, but the aim system will be better in the next update. You will be able to aim in every direction. Now you can only aim to the left and right.

Cool! also do u have a discord?

No, I don't have one yet.


when your playing a custom map and if someone wins, nothing really happens

Yes, I have to fix that.

will the game work with xbox 360 controllers?

oh wait it does work for it nvm

this looks like stickfight lol

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Yes, it is inspired by it! But I added my own elements, so it isn't a copy.

plz make an check point

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Yes, I am working on that. In the next update the story mode will be divided in different parts, and your progress will be saved.

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EDIT: Sorry caps ;-;

In story mode by pressing e and in minigames by walking over it.

Thank you :]


continue like this is too cooooooool just add more things to the editor map


wait why the npcs cant jump 1 block height?

Probably in a jungle map... I have to fix it!

when i try to do the map edit i only can put the pistol there is the only gun (i have too the blocks its not only the gun)

When you choose the pistol and you click again on a placed weapon, the weapon changes.

thanks continue with the great game

mac cant play 

Try to use the itch app. First I had the same problem when I tested on mac and it worked for me.

Hi, I would like to make 3 criticisms that made the game unplayable for me, first the doll is flying very high, the aim of the firearms points almost always above the enemies, third is that in the mini-games, if not most of the levels, are some that do not say when I won, even though all the enemies are already dead. In general everything seems to be very well programmed. Hugs.


Thanks for the feedback! I will make the score visual so you can see your score increase when you win, but I am still thinking how. I will also try to let the guns aim lower, so you can hit more.


This deserves more than 3 stars it deservers 5 stars

Thanks! At the top right you can rate the game if you want.


You added multiplayer tags but there is no multiplayer scammer

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There is local multiplayer and the game is free, so you are not scammed. I am currently working on online multiplayer. Also, the game is still in development, so not all features are already added.

add xbox 360 controller suport i am poor :( and make this alpha version free and make next update paid in steam please(if you want)

nevermind make the paid version on my bad LOL

I am going to add an option where you can change the controls so you can use every type of controller and I will add it in the next update.

ok i hope it will be nice i love this game i tried it using my xbox controller and it run well xD

uh, Is it just me or I can't even download it
It just says   couldn't download/connection
While I DO Have WiFi
*help TvT*

I am not hosting the site so I can't help, but I think it will work if you try it again later.

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Since recently once I download it, It straight up gets deleted
or that the site is glitchy

Are you using the Itch app? If not, try to use the itch app, maybe it will work. If you are on Windows, you may have antivirus software that doesn't allow downloading zip files from the internet.

Aight thanks it now works :D

Nice game. However, i suggest giving a way to edit control. I got a PS3 controller here, however due to it being a clone (I am too poor to buy an official one. and i also did not know it as a clone) the button mapped wrongly. I still enjoy it and i hope you will continue to update this game. Im looking forward for new content.

(I still find it weird why it mapped wrongly. A lot of game that officially support PS3 controllers still map to the buttons correctly, even when it is a clone)

Thanks! I am going to add an option to choose your controls in the next update.

thank you!

make this comment a ladder like this







This game is sooo weird but i LOVE it


can you make a playable in browser version

No, it will take too long to load.

Show the control please. wont show
Just give me the control

What do you mean?

The controls of the game.

Ok, I will add that in the next update.

Ok thanks. Your games so good if you add that. Great design bytheway ;

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

How to buy a sword?


Just walk near the shop, a better shop system will be added soon.

show control pls

The controls are explained when you start the game.

is this going to be free forever?

No, when the beta comes out, it will be paid. But the first three days it will be free and you will be able to update it.

EDIT: the game WILL be free forever!

i can not play minigames because i do not know how to add a second player ;-;

You can add a second player by pressing a button on a controller or you can turn 'Enemy AI' on in the settings.

Suggestions (maybe you won't add): Grapple Gun! :D

WS games dozen;t reply to me anymore

What do you mean?

when next update come out

Do you get a notification when I post a devlog?


Ok, I will tell you when an update comes out.

i play the game but when i hold the gun i shoot it i go like a rocket

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Yeah, the recoil is a little bit high. But sometimes you fly away, I will try to fix it.

Edit: I fixed it and it will work in the next update.

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