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About this game

Stickmans is a 2D stickman shooter game with a lot of action going on! Fight against your friends or explore the fantasy world of stickmen. Beat your friends with a wide range of weapons: from an AK-47 to a snowball shotgun!

If you want to get notified when an update comes out, make sure to follow me.

I stopped making updates for my game, but please check out my new one here!

Please support me by buying the 4k background.

How to play

You currently have two ways to play: local multiplayer and a story mode. To play the local multiplayer you need controllers/gamepads and friends. If you don鈥檛 have one of those you can always enable bots,  but it鈥檚 strongly recommended to play with friends. There will come multiplayer when the game is launched on Steam.


Go to itch.io/app, download it and in the launcher go to Explore and search  for ws-games.itch.io/stickmans, install and launch otherwise you may not be able to open it. This is a problem for Mac, on Windows and Linux you need to download the files and unzip them.

System Requirements:

OSWindows 7
Windows 10
ProcessorIntel I3Intel I5 or better
Graphics/Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 or better
Memory2 GB RAM4 GB RAM or more 
Storage2 GB available space5 GB  or more available space (SSD)
Extra/Controller or Gamepad*

*Default set to PS4 controller, but you can change the keybinds in game


Download NowName your own price

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Stickmans! 59 MB
Stickmans! 59 MB
Stickmans! 74 MB
4K Background (.png file) 7 MB
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Great game

hey, do you wanna sell this project?


The storymode is complete ass, why are there so many enemies? Atleast let me have a way to heal because all of them just gang up on me then I die, its fucking annoying.

Which engine did u use?? how did u learn it


I used Unity to make it. I learnt it by following tutorials and making small platformer games. If you want to begin making games I would recommend following the tutorials from Brackeys on Youtube. That's how I learnt it.

Do you plan to make a android version?

I won't make an Android version, I am currently working on another game which will come out soon.


in what day the update gonna be out?

I won't make any updates for this game anymore, because I'm working on another one. It will come out in a few months.

I made a last update.

is this just stickfight with a storymode?

thats all i can get from the comments

ima try it

yea basically

HOLY (not gonna say bad word) INSTALL IS FREE 

Of course it is!

i like the game


im so excited

i cant pick things up sm

If you see the 'pickup item' text you have to press E.

can you please remove the spikes in story mode, and also maybe put a checkpoint before the desert bos

Will the update be in the next year or is another game coming out in the next year? 馃槓

I am currently working on a game which will come out next year.

(1 edit)
make a ragdoll mode. I mean, you give R and you play dead and also put death animations, because it is always the same death and make Languages
In the next update of the game I want you to put a battle royal, that you have 10 or 20 or 30 bots, when you launch the game on steam, put a bots or players mode and also houses and cars and ... how much is it going to cost the game on steam or will it be free? We do not know

Hello, I think I am not going to add a lot of extra modes to the game. It will be free forever btw.

oh ok

and also... when will the other update be? :)

I don't know. I am currently working on another game, but if there are some bugs that really ruin the game I will fix them.


is it possible to play story mode with a controller??

(1 edit)

No, you can only use controllers in the minigames



fuck stickfight
me and the homies only play stickmans


Haha, I'm glad you like it!

cara faz um de multiplayer PFV

Is there something similar like Bombsquad remote or anything for this game it would be soo nice if i could use the phone as a controller

No, I'm sorry. You can't use your phone yet.


Make story mode 2 player

(1 edit)

is there online multiplayer? nope

(1 edit)

It will be available when the game comes out on Steam, like I said in the description.

put it on steam :D

(1 edit)

this sounds like a really fun game

im gonna play it :D

(1 edit)

and i got a idea what if you could duck/lay down 

maybe even enter a rag doll mode



(1 edit)

Thanks! You can always rate the game at the top right of the page.

make the weapons have physics

What do you mean by giving them physics? More recoil or making them heavy?

I mean make them collide with things 

(1 edit)

That's a good idea! I will try to add it.

Ok I tested it but it isn't really fun to play, so I won't add it. It also causes lots of bugs and I try to avoid them.



ngl i see a good future whitin this game

Nice recreation of stick fight the gam

(2 edits)

It isn't a recreation but I took inspiration from it. Thanks btw!

Looks like Stickfight

Yes, and for the story mode I took inspiration from The Legend of Zelda

it looks like danis game: of the sticks

how do you even make a game like this???

i've been searching for ages on how to do so

I use Unity to make the game.

ik, but how do you add the forces so that stickman looks like it's walking?

I use the hinge joint 2D component and a script which makes the parts of the body rotate to a direction. Then I change the direction over time using the animator, so it looks like he is walking.

Is This Game A Local Co-Op Like Is It A 2 Player Game?

Actually Nvm I just Saw What It Says

a bit like off the sticks


looks suspiciousely like a game dani forgot

lol, after one year you're the first one to comment this

yea i like dani

when playing with a controller aiming with the joystick is a bit clunky at times

Yes, but the aim system will be better in the next update. You will be able to aim in every direction. Now you can only aim to the left and right.

Cool! also do u have a discord?

No, I don't have one yet.


when your playing a custom map and if someone wins, nothing really happens

Yes, I have to fix that.

will the game work with xbox 360 controllers?

oh wait it does work for it nvm

this looks like stickfight lol

(1 edit)

Yes, it is inspired by it! But I added my own elements, so it isn't a copy.

plz make an check point

(1 edit)

Yes, I am working on that. In the next update the story mode will be divided in different parts, and your progress will be saved.

(1 edit)

EDIT: Sorry caps ;-;

In story mode by pressing e and in minigames by walking over it.

Thank you :]

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